All items are sold as-is and there are no refunds. All items have problems so please do not except near mint or mint items. All need repair in some way or another before display. Non Barbie items are usually in near mint or excellent condition but are listed here since they are sold cheaply. Not all flaws are listed but major ones are listed. See condition chart.

Sorry, pictures are not available for items on this page.

C8 - Near mint to excellent condition. Very slight handling

C7 - Display quality but crispness is missing. May need ironing.

C6 - Gently played with but slight flaws.

C5 - Wear and tear visible to everyone. Can be repaired easily. Clothing needs to be laundered.

C4 - Lots of flaws and spots. Heavily played with and damaged in some way. A professional is required to repair or restore it.

C3 - Damaged. In the right costume, the doll could be displayed or the outfit could be displayed in a certain manner. LOTS of work needed here.

C2 - Beyond repair but it may have a couple of parts that a collector wants. Legs or arm still good for transplanting to another doll or zipper and buttons on clothing are usable.

C1 - One part of doll, outfit or item could be still be used for parts.
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